朝に温度計を見ると、ー29℃!? 見たこともない数字に、初めは信じられませんでしたよ。




Hi !  It was snowing in here Rocky Mountain House, Canada and we are in Winter.

A thermometer showed -29℃ in one morning! I couldn’t believe it…but  it’s possible to take a temperature to -50℃!

and this is the story of 40℃ world in India. We are going to Varanasi.




私たちのような旅行者がたくさんいるのを知ってか、 外に出るとタクシーの運ちゃんや何かを紹介する人がぞろぞろついて来た。値段交渉に難航して、30分くらいタクシーの近くで立ち往生し、もうひとりの男性も一緒にいくことになった。





We finished immigration check after passed the boarder and met the guy who met at the immigration office before the boarder again. He was still thinking about a route from here to Varanasi.

Taxi drivers know there are a lot of people going to Varanasi from here and they followed us one after the other. We had hard time for 30min to negotiate the fee. After all, another guy went to Varanasi together.

It’s 4-5hours drive to Gorakhpur.  On the way, there was a unbelievable time that the driver had lunch. But We could get Gorakhpur train station before evening. It was maybe first time for me to see real India. People were laying on the floor directly and almost have no shoes. I just thought everyone lives in here?

After that, we were supposed to get a ticket to Varanasi, but people who we asked told us different information. After all we could get tickets  3hours later out of the station…3hours!!







トイレを開けると、黒い何かがサァ〜ッとはけていき、創業以来、掃除していないのかもしれないくらいの見た目だった。そして夜、黒い何かが走る音が…! この夜は暑いうるさい怖いで眠れなかった。


I really felt it was good not to be alone after looking at getting dark. We started to find hostel but there is no vacant. During the time, another Japanese guy was something frustrated and had bad attitude for Indian people. When we finally got a room, he was disappeared to anywhere. I couldn’t understand him more than other Indian!

And then, an amazing night has started.

India in May is deadly hot and the air conditioner didn’t make sense. It was very big and noisy but I couldn’t leave a door open because here is India.  I opened the bathroom’s door and some cockroaches went away… I thought here has never been cleaned up since It had built and I couldn’t sleep with some sound that cockroaches moves and the air conditioner!







I felt it took sooo long time to come next morning! There was just one step to get Varanasi!

We got on a train and take our seats. My seat was middle of the three berths but it seemed to be no problem having seat on the bottom and putting one’s baggage. Indian train was pretty interesting. At first, people get  free seats seriously and sometimes they fight each other for the seat. There are some classes in the train but upper class and normal’s seemed to be very different. The sevices in the train are meals and singing a song, a charm against something and more. We might experient a lot even in a train. When I was on line to buy a ticket, I couldn’t get my turn for a long time because people come into the line one after another.

By the way, I had interesting experience at the foreigner’s ticket office. When we wrote down something like name and passport numbers, one elder staff pointed out that some of numbers couldn’t be read. One of us said for it and the guy said「Sorry doesn’t become a solution.」I thought Whats?! at this time but now it might be true I think. In Japan If something is wrong at the shop or service counter, sometimes it goes better with the keyword “sorry”. But here is India! The word isnt useful to do with anything.  I thought I’ll withhold saying it easily.





We have arrived at Varanasi safety. There was really stimulating and  have huge people. I was just satisfied with what I could get here.